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Desires Desires are infinite. Is there a new physical possession that you want? Consider that if you get it, you will still, ironically, not have received what you want. What we want more than the physical possession is to fulfill our feeling of desire. But that is not possible with physical possessions. The sooner we recognize that fulfilling a physical desire simply leads to a new unfulfilled desire, we can stop the insatiable cycle of a lack of fulfillment. Learn to temper and reign in your desires; if you don’t, you are 100% guaranteed to be discontent. Only when we

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Thoughts on Life

Is Reality a Simulation?

Elon Musk may be the most famous proponent of the possibility that reality is just a simulation. And quite a lot of scientists agree with him that this is a very real possibility (Neil deGrasse Tyson puts the odds at 50/50). I too agree that this is possible, and it solves a lot of problems: How can we explain the origin of the Big Bang? Problem: All the energy and matter in the universe came into existence spontaneously even though there was no space in existence for that matter and energy to come into existence into. Unless there has been

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