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Is Reality a Simulation?

Elon Musk may be the most famous proponent of the possibility that reality is just a simulation. And quite a lot of scientists agree with him that this is a very real possibility (Neil deGrasse Tyson puts the odds at 50/50). I too agree that this is possible, and it solves a lot of problems: How can we explain the origin of the Big Bang? Problem: All the energy and matter in the universe came into existence spontaneously even though there was no space in existence for that matter and energy to come into existence into. Unless there has been

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College Admissions

Top College Rankings in 2032

What determines rankings? A multitude of factors that try to ascertain one thing: what is a college’s relative worth? What determines a college’s worth then? For most people, a college’s worth is determined by the monetary value that a degree from that college in a given major will give a person. Typically that means that most people would prefer to be at the top of their field in whatever their field of study is, and most people at the top of their field make more money, have more prestige, etc. They want to go to the best college they can

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