Robots and Humans

We were operating from the wrong paradigm (thinking that artificial intelligence had to work up to our highest cognitive abilities). We need to reframe how we think.

Keys to Success

Here are the keys I have found for succeeding at work and in life. Work Hard This seems obvious, right? Actually, not so much. For the last 9 years, I have been asking my students what the primary key to success is. The answers have ranged from: connections, education, money, luck, personality, etc. Most of […]

Philosophical Fiction

The show “Alice in Borderland” is the best piece of philosophy that I have seen in some time. In it, people are transported into a dystopian version of Tokyo in which they must compete in games of survival. If you have watched “Planet Earth,” then you too have a sense of how nature is more […]

An Apple Pie in the Woods

All religions seem a rather unsatisfying starting point for religion: before I wonder if I need a god for salvation, I’d like to know if I need a god for existence.