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I have defined myself through hard-work and integrity. At the age of thirteen, I took a job as a caddy, not for extra spending money, but out of necessity to help pay for my tuition to a private school better than my local public school. I always had one job during the school year and two during the summer, yet I managed to excel at school as well. I took Ancient Greek, personally paid for a classics tour abroad to Greece and Italy, and graduated near the top of my class from Loyola Academy. These efforts paid off, and I was accepted to the University of Chicago. There, I took classes in fourteen different disciplines, ranging from Philosophy to Economics. I graduated with honors in my major and honors from the college.

After school, I began tutoring for the SAT and ACT as I waited for my background check at the CIA to finish (I had been recruited to be a Leadership Analyst for Pakistan). Before it finished, however, my attention turned elsewhere when I was promoted to Director of Business Development at Method Test Prep and tasked with expanding this company. After successfully growing the company in New York and New Jersey, I formed my own company with a former classmate from the University of Chicago, Eva Addae. We opened Summit Prep in May, 2013.

Three years ago, my company’s average student score increased by four points on the ACT. I thought better was impossible (the national average with prep is a one point increase). Today, our average increase is six points. Adapted from my personal motto of “Strive for excellence in all things that matter,” I created the motto “Strive for Excellence” for my company. Implicit in this motto is a call for continual improvement.

Life, as it always does, continues to progress. In October 2015, I married my wife, Lorraine Blobaum. My company continues to thrive: we now have twelve employees and over 300 actively tutored students. Our results are better than ever. As much as life changes, some aspects are constant: I know I will keep working hard and stay committed to helping others.

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